Exploring the Doughnut

The Doughnut of Social and Planetary Boundaries (Raworth, K. (2017), Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist. London: Penguin Random House) is an urgent invitation for organisational, community, and network leaders to ensure that our governance, operations, cultures, and strategies are moving us into ever greater planetary, ecosystem, and social system stewardship.

I am not an expert on Doughnut Economics.

I am, however, a DEAL-affiliated Organisation in Action, and have a wide-ranging toolkit that can support you in discovering your organisation's or community's relationship with the doughnut. My toolkit includes seven years' experience in organisation design, embodied facilitation, design thinking, self-organising systems, decentralised and participatory organisational governance and decision-making, Sociocracy, DAOs, workshop design and facilitation, stewardship and commons, and facilitating high-stakes meetings with multiple stakeholders.

Once we have discovered your relationship with the Doughnut, we can then work together to align your insights with your organisation or community governance, operations, norms, and strategies.





I work with organisations, communities, and networks that are ready to discover their relationship with the Doughnut.


Doughnut Model investigative partner

Doughnut Design for Business Tool facilitation

Designing and facilitating explorations of the Doughnut and how the model might support your community, organisation, or project to create a planetary health and social systems-aligned strategy

Facilitating pre-Doughnut Design for Business Tool deep design workshop decision-making, to discover who should participate in the workshop and whether a Core Tool or Taster Tool best matches your situation and needs.

Supporting the integration of workshop discoveries into organisational or community design, governance, operations, and strategies.