Client work

I am fascinated with how individuals, groups, and organisations can be in better relationship with relational complexity, especially personal and organisational ecologies. Through paying attention to the questions we hold, the tensions we experience, the way a system is organising itself, and our worldviews, histories, and stories, we can be led by complexity instead of trying to control or reduce it. I bring seven years' experience in self-organising, relational complexity, facilitation, and regenerative leadership to this work, along with trainings in design thinking, circling, Sociocracy 3.0, and systemic constellation coaching.


Organisational ecology discovery and mentoring

Reflective, investigative partnership

Leadership support

Workshop design and facilitation


Organisation-wide transformation.
Organisational relationships within external ecosystems, social systems, and planetary health.
Wisdom councils and more-than-human governance.
Organisations into commons.
Unhealthy organisational patterns and norms into healthy ones.
Internal and external organisational harm reconciliation and repair.
Organisational seasonality and dissolution.

Embodied facilitation

Relational harm repair.
Disrupting unhealthy group patterns and dynamics, and co-creating healthy ones.
Time-bound, small-group facilitated explorations focusing on a particular theme.


Work with me

Based in Exeter, Devon (UK), I work with partner clients in person or virtually. I prioritise work where we can develop a close relationship but I'm always happy to support urgent or contained needs. 
If you're interested in working with me, I recommend we start with a choose your price online session.  During this hour, we can centre a challenge or need you're experiencing and look for practical steps you can leave the session with, dive into a project you're seeking design input or facilitation support for, or explore any questions you have about the areas I work so I can share my insights with you. You're welcome to have this session as a 1:1 or bring your colleagues with you.
After the session, you'll choose what you want to pay for our time together. If you feel like we're a good fit for deeper work, we can go from there. 


You're also welcome to book up a free 20 min intro zoom call.