My work with clients includes:


Organisational design

Organisational coaching

Acting as a reflective, investigative partner

Leadership support

Organisations as self-organising systems.
Embedding organisations in surrounding ecosystems and social systems.
Organisation-wide transformation.
Decentralised, participatory organisational governance and decision-making.
Transitioning organisations into commons.
Disrupting unhealthy organisational patterns and discovering new ones.
Supporting organisations in becoming more ecological organisations.
Organisational and ecosystem reconciliation and repair.
Shifting from management to facilitation, organisational ownership to stewardship, and top-down leadership to shared leadership.
Organisational seasonality and dissolution.
Integrating wisdom councils and non-human beings into governance.

Embodied facilitation

Designing and facilitating high-stakes meetings.
Designing and facilitating organisational or team transformation processes.
Facilitating team reconciliation and repair.
Disrupting unhealthy group patterns and dynamics, and co-creating healthy ones.

Doughnut Model investigative partner

Doughnut Design for Business Tool facilitation

Discovering the Doughnut model and your organisation.
Delivery of DEAL-designed Doughnut Design for Business Tool workshops.
Pre-workshop decision-making: who'll be in the room and which workshop to deliver.
Integration of workshop discoveries into organisational design, governance, operations, and strategies.


Let's see if we're a good fit

Based in Exeter, Devon (UK), I work with clients in person or virtually. I prioritise work where we can build a strong relationship but I'm happy to support short-term or urgent needs. 
If you're interested in working with me, I recommend we start with a 60-minute 'Choose Your Price' Zoom call.
During this hour, we can centre a challenge or need you're experiencing and look for practical steps you can leave the session with, talk through a project you're seeking design input or facilitation support for, explore any questions you have about the areas I work in, and gain a lived experience of working with me.
After the session, you'll choose what you want to pay for our time together. If we feel like we're a good fit, we can go from there.