Nurturing rooted organisations

Articles, books, and podcasts to help us root our organisations, internally and within the world around us


Brave New Work Podcast
Especially all of the DAO mini-series episodes.

The Operating System Canvas
An incredibly helpful tool to ensure that you’re considering - and making explicit - your organisation’s foundational structures and systems, so that you can build a healthy working culture and organisation together.

Brave New Work book
A deep dive into applying the Operating System Canvas.

Emergent Strategy (to dive in deeper, the book)
By understanding the five elements of emergence (fractal (the small is the large), interrelated and decentralised, intentional adaptability, nonlinear, and iterative change) we can seek to create the conditions that encourage emergence.

Organisations as a commons
Elinor Ostrom won a nobel prize for her work in researching and sharing with the world how commons are peacefully and successfully managed. We can utilise these learnings to create organisations that are, in effect, commons.

CommonS3nse Framework
Don't know where to start, whether from scratch or to adjust where you're at? S3 patterns can be pulled-in as needed and these 10 core principles offer you a clear foundational starting point.


Role-based instead of job descriptions
A subtle but powerful shift in how you distribute authority and accountability.