'Pay what they are worth to you' sessions

Thank you for your interest in my 'pay what they are worth to you' sessions.

During this hour together, we can:

Centre a current challenge you’re experiencing in your group, organisation, or community, and discover concrete next steps you can follow through with post-session.

Explore questions you have about:
* the design and facilitation of humane, relational-led organisations.
* self-organisation and distributed decision-making environments (especially at the foundation-setting stage).
* implementing Ostrom's design principles for commons into organisations and communities.
* disrupting unhealthy group and organisational patterns, and alchemising new ones.
* organisational clarity and alignment.
* nurturing roots in your local and regional communities.
* reconciliation and repair.
* the role of embodied facilitation.

Gain a felt experience of whether we might be a good fit for deeper work. I work with clients as an external consultant or facilitator, joining the project for an agreed time, or acting as a reflective, investigative partner. Dive into that work here.