Seaspray Collective

The Seaspray Collective is a donation-based non-profit vehicle for me to allocate consulting and facilitation hours to economically- and politically-marginalised communities and groups.

They receive my time at no cost to them, and I invoice The Seaspray Collective for my time at the hourly rate for outside of London set byThe Living Wage Foundation.

I also expense basic travel and accommodation costs, such as third-class train tickets, coach tickets, bus tickets, or (if necessary) flying coach, along with a simple food and drink allocation. (I try to minimise travel and accommodation but working in person in a group can be much more impactful than working via Zoom.)

I work with these clients in areas of:

* the design and facilitation of healthy, humane, relational-led, and lively organisations and communities.
* how we might root our organisations and communities in our local and regional environments.
* self-organisation and distributed decision-making.
* implementing Ostrom's design principles for commons into organisations and communities.
* disrupting unhealthy group patterns, and alchemising new ones.
* organisational clarity and alignment.
* relational and organisational reconciliation and repair.
* organisational and community stewardship.
* the role of embodied facilitation.
* the Doughnut Design for Business Deep Design Workshop and the Taster Workshop.