Freelance Consultant & Facilitator (& Founding Member) at Open Facilitation

Partner at Nestr

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Founder of Seaspray Collective

DEAL-affiliated facilitator and consultant of The Doughnut Design for Business

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Source and co-host of Generative Worlding podcast


Anna-Marie Swan


Parcipant in  The London Dialogue Project

Collaborator at Unearthing Common Ground

Design and facilitation of key stakeholder meeting for the wider-Bristol Community Housing Hub

Facilitator for 6 Founders Circles (2nd Cohort)

Kernel block 7 cohort participant

Core collaborator at Regens Unite

Organisational design support at ReCommon

Organisational facilitation & design, social impact partnerships, & DAO strategy at Popcorn

Experience Facilitator at dOrg

Volunteer & Trusted Seed with Commons Stack & the Token Engineering Commons

Member of Enspiral

Organiser & Host of DAO Discussions

Enspiral's Renovating Membership year-long community engagement process

Partner at 17DM Creative

Design & Communication at Global Commons Trust and Stewardship System


I’m energised by:

Self- & shared-enquiry

Oak forests, hiking, road cycling, swimming in the sea

Dancing, kirtan, 5-rhythms

Relational solutions to human & ecological challenges

Communities that weave the relational fabric

Rooted and relational-based organisational systems & structures

'What if...' conversations & bringing the good ones to life

Commons, public goods, & stewardship

Decentralising decision-making & governance

Discovering 'what's alive here?'