Let's reimagine stories together

Come with me as we reimagine stories and, together, weave them into organisational roots.
Stories of organisations as self-organising webs of ecological relationships. Stories of organisations as stewards of planetary, ecosystem, and social system health. Stories of organisations as commons within wider commons. Stories of organisational seasonality: of birth, creativity, rest, reflection, grief, celebration, evolution, and death. Stories of radical organisational responsibility and responsiveness, transparency and mutualism, stewardship and reconciliation. Stories of group facilitation as midwife, doula, and alchemist.
My perspectives have been moulded by over twenty-five years of scraggy and inconvenient health issues that bring my gaze to my inner experiences with laser focus. At the same time, these health issues have widened my gaze far beyond my self, into animism, interbeing, ancestry, self-organising systems, place, constellations of relationships, and the magnificent, mysterious resonance of the natural world. Over time, both gazes has brought me a relationship with life that is intimate, queer, personal, and deeply important.
My perspectives have also been moulded by the middle space I now situate as a woman that’s no longer a young adult but not quite an elder, my white skin and middle-class upbringing in England, my lost connection to my Croation ancestry, and chocolate; less chocolate than I'd like and more chocolate than I probably deserve.
One of my pleasures is the multitude of relationships that I am weaved into: from the most intimate relationships like my marriage to the constellations of care and co-creation that ripple out from dearest friends and collaborators to those that I meet only through their work, right through to my ancestral constellations, past and future.
I look forward to exploring this new constellation: you and I, in relationship. In whatever way it unfurls.
Organisational ecologist and embodied facilitator
Founding steward Ecological Organisations Constellation
Writer Cellular Rerranging
Host and producer Generative Worlding
Initiator and co-steward Facilitation Pods

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Recent workshops and talks: RADAR 'The Story of Being Ecological', Schumacher College 'Being with Doughnut Economics: An Economics that Brings Us into The Doughnut of Social and Planetary Boundaries', Active Inference Institute 'Ecological Organisations: Reimagining our Organisations and Communities As Radically Responsible and Responsive Ecosystem Members', Colony's DAO Club 'Roles: From Decenstralised to Self-Organising'.

Recent roles: Founding member at Open Facilitation, Partner at NestrThe London Dialogue ProjectKernel block 7, DAO-foundations strategy at Regens Unite, Organisational design support at ReCommon, Organisational design, social impact partnerships, and DAO strategy at Popcorn DAO, Experience facilitator at dOrg, Enspiral's renovating membership year-long community engagement process, and Partner at 17DM Creative (brand design).

My work has been fed by many teachers and teachings. These, and more, form the lineage of my work and current thinking: decentralised and participatory governance and decision-making, self-organising systemsSociocracy, HolacracyCircling, authentic relating, Theory U, Doughnut Economics, animism, story telling and mythology, Deep Democracy, Liberating Structures, commons, systems thinking, living systems, the work of The Ready and percolab, emergent strategy, design thinking, and organisational systemic constellations, along with the work, words, and stories of Ken LiuSophie StrandBayo Akomolafe, Charles Eisenstein, Ruby MayMaryam Hasnaa مريم حسناSean Wilkinson, The Emerald podcast, Donella Meadows, Elinor Ostrom, Margaret Wheatley, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, Naomi Klein, and Frederic Laloux (among others).


Training: Level 1 Certificate in Systemic Coaching with Constellations Year: 2024

Course: The Body is a Doorway Year: 2023

Course: Kinship: World as Archipelago Year: 2023

Training: Sociocracy 3.0 Practitioner Level 1 course Year: 2022

Training: Sociocracy 3.0 Foundations course Year: 2022

Course: The Ready's DAO Contributor Program Year: 2022

Course: Circling and Surrendered Leadership: 6 week closed group Year: 2022

Course: Everyone Circled: 6 week closed group Year: 2022

Course: Meditation and Circling: 4 week intensive Year: 2022

Course: Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance Year: 2021

Course: Introduction to Crypto & Defi Year: 2021

Course: Microsolidarity Practice Program Year: 2020

Training: Mastering Systems in Practice OU Course Year: 2020

Course: Gaia Journey: Global Activation of Intention and Action Year: 2020

Training: Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector Year: 2019