Cellular rearranging

I write about my work and other things in the Substack Cellular Rearranging.

Through Cellular Rearranging, I share my learnings and follow breadcrumbs into an ecology of relationality and interbeing, the more-than-human and the physical world, the co-created story of edges, ecological organisations and embodied facilitation, stewardship and commons, group dynamics, and self- and shared-enquiry.

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Generative worlding

Generative Worlding was inspired by two experiences.

The first was Bayo Akomolafe's description of worlding, shared in These Wilds Beyond Our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity's Search for Home: 'There are no beginnings that appear unperturbed, pristine and without hauntings. And there are no endings that are devoid of traces of the new, spontaneous departures from disclosure, and simmering events that are yet to happen. The middle isn’t the space between things; it is the world in its ongoing practices of worlding itself’.

The second was the response my husband, W (an amazing designer and maker of electric guitars), had to a post-Facilitation Pods session where I was trying to put into words the depth of insight, attention, wisdom, and care within the pods, where he said he wished he could be a fly on the wall.

GW hopes to bring you, the listener, into the room as a small group of people practice worlding. Here, worlding is self- and shared-enquiry into the personal and collective beliefs, stories, experiences, histories, biases, blindspots, ancestry, place, and possible futures that are 'in the room' in the smallest and largest of lived experiences. GW therefore hopes to bring you a lived experience of what happens when a small group of people pay thoughtful attention to complex relationality and the personal and collective impact of this complex relationality.



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