My Workview

I am fascinated with how we can be in relationship with complex relationality, especially in regards to how that relationality shows up in personal, group, and organisational ecologies. By paying attention to the questions we personally and collectively hold, the tensions we personally and collectively experience, the intelligences we personally and collectively have access to, the way systems organise themselves, and the personal and shared worldviews, cultures, histories, and stories that shape our experiences and behaviours, we can learn to be moved by complex relationality instead of trying to control or reduce it.

To my work, I bring seven years' experience in self-organising, decentralisation, partnership building, commons, stewardship, systems thinking, clarity and alignment, and group facilitation, along with trainings in design thinking, Circling, Sociocracy, and systemic constellation coaching.

Based in Exeter, Devon (UK), I work with partner clients in person or virtually. Alongside bespoke programme design and delivery, I also offer four curated offerings which can be customised in line with partner client needs.


Organisational ecology and embodied facilitation

Recent workshops and talks: RADAR 'The story of Being Ecological' | Schumacher College 'Being with Doughnut Economics: An economics that brings us into The Doughnut of Social and Planetary Boundaries' | Active Inference Institute 'Ecological Organisations: Reimagining organisations and communities as radically responsible and responsive ecosystem members' | Colony's DAO Club 'Roles: From decentralised to self-organising'.

Recent roles: Founding member at Open Facilitation | Partner at Nestr | Member of The London Dialogue Project | Participant in Kernel block 7 | DAO-foundations at Regens Unite | Organisational design support at ReCommon | Organisational design, social impact partnerships, and DAO strategy at Popcorn DAO | Experience facilitator at dOrg | Enspiral's renovating membership year-long community engagement process | Partner at 17DM Creative.



Organisational ecology discovery and mentoring

Reflective, investigative partnership

Leadership support

Workshop design and facilitation


Organisation-wide transformation.
Organisational relationships within external ecosystems, social systems, and planetary health.
Wisdom councils and more-than-human governance.
Organisations into commons.
Disrupting unhealthy organisational patterns and dynamics, and co-creating healthy ones.
Internal and external organisational harm repair.
Organisational seasonality, cyclicity, and good endings.

Embodied facilitation

Relational harm repair and good endings.
Disrupting unhealthy group patterns and dynamics, and co-creating healthy ones.
Time-bound, small-group facilitated explorations into challenging themes.


'If you have organisational needs and are looking for a thoughtful, generative, self-organising approach, Anna-Marie is a great resource.'
Kristen Pavle, Social Technologist & Entrepreneur

'We so appreciate everything you do to help us, and others in this space.'
ReCommon team

'When Anna-Marie communicates, she finds a rare balance between kindness, completeness, and clarity. Her full body yes fuels the whole relationship like a regenerative engine. Combined with her brilliant facilitation skills, you will always know where you are at. Everything she produces has been through a cycle of consideration and care; a combination of deep listening, research, and commitment.'
Leen Schelfhout, Deep Democracy Trainer

'The Ecological Organizations Framework is an incredible tool! I have shared it with my college students to help them explore their relationships with the land and holistic organisational dynamics. The EO framework allowed students to navigate the complexity of our regional systems with hope instead of despair, and inspired them to act locally within their own organisations. Anna-Marie is also a beautiful facilitator and guide of this work, and has been inspiring to work with.'
Amie Riley, Equity-Focused Educator at Portland University

'Anna-Marie has intentionally opened this space up for inquiry and craftily held it just loosely enough that each session has felt easy and natural - that in itself has been fascinating to witness and experience. It's genuine craftmanship, and a unique skill.'
Camila Todd, Nature & Circle Facilitator

'The Framework literally explains what I've been trying to do over the past year! I love the aspects prioritised here and also the fact that the different petals are further detailed by questions of inquiry, not statements or boxes you can tick'.
Ramona Fricke, Social Innovator & Lead Strategist

'She has been amazing to work with. Not only does she bring in the right (and often changing) questions and perspectives needed to chart the right strategic course for Nestr to thrive, she has a keen sense for the differentiation of relationships and work. With her boundless skill, curiosity, awareness and compassion she can support and guide any organisation through the process from idea to collective impact.'
Joost Schouten, Co-founder Nestr

'Thank you for opening up this field: rootedness in our organisations. We often see our organisations as stand alone entities. But they never are. They are rooted in systems. In land, in communities.'
Nynke Vos, Ritual Designer & Grief Faciltator






Deeply curious multi-discipline, multi-intelligence gathering. 

What’s tugging at our attention, that we might gather into our knowing? What arises when we combine what we’ve gathered? What's being born through the gathering? What intelligences do I have access to?


Rigorous self- and shared-enquiry.

How are we responding to what we've gathered? What worldviews are informing this? What are we not seeing? What other information do we need to integrate? How do others receive, and hold, what's birthing here? What arises when we name this, or describe this, or take this into dialogue?


Activation arising from staying close to self.

What's our relationship with the source role? How are we being in the source role? What's our business as source, and what isn't? How can we stay close to our sources of intelligence while being attentive and responsive to others' responses? What do we now need to gather, to deepen our activation?







Connect with me

If you're interested in working with me, you're welcome to jump on a 20-minute no-charge exploration Zoom.

I also offer a choose-your-price hour-long Zoom, where we can explore a living organisational ecology challenge or dive into an area of work you're seeking facilitation support for, and find clear next steps. This is a good way to get a lived experience of working with me.


If you're interested in joining a time-bound facilitated group exploring a theme through self- and shared-enquiry, please reach out via the contact me form.