Ecological enquiry

I also hold humans as rich webs of complex relationality; in other words, as ecologies.

I am fascinated by the intelligences available to us when we become curious about, pay attention to, and become intimate with humans as ecological beings. Through self- and shared- enquiry, we can attentively and gently explore the lived experience of what it means to be ecological, informed by and informing neighbourhoods, place, relationships, ancestral lines, current events, ecoystems, social systems, social constructs, cultural stories, possible futures, and histories. Through self- and shared- enquiry, we can start to discover how these inform our individual and collective feelings, worldviews, biases, ideas, and experiences. And, through self- and shared- enquiry, we can learn how be in relationship with what's happening in the social field, i.e. the often invisible but tangible field that arises when we gather in groups.

To be in self- and shared-enquiry is to be intimate with ourselves as ecological beings. A staying close to self and each other that is ecological.

(DIve deeper into what embodiment means to me in my article Staying close to ourselves: A relational understanding of embodiment).


LIVE ENQUIRY Sparked in mid 2023, Facilitation Pods are time-bound, small-group enquiries into what comes alive in a facilitated space, for participants and for facilitators.

In the pods, we utiilse thoughtful and attentive self- and shared-enquiry to 'investigate' an experience or question that we'd love to be explored together. In the first and second season we were curious about the dynamics and roles that are alive in the room when we are facilitating, exploring individual and collective experiences as faciltators in relation to cultural stories, ancestry, place, histories, systems, family dynamics, and possible futures.

While I ignited and facilitated season one, we have been carefully evolving the pods into a shared commons and crafting new roles as co-stewards. To support this transition, we've taken ourselves through ceremonies and rituals of letting go and arriving, appreciating and honouring.

Read more about the Facilitation Pods here, including reflections from the participants, and apply for our next season (dates to be decided).

facilitation pods




LIVE ENQUIRY What could a framing of 'inner rewilding' mean for our experiences of queering bodies, whether through chronic health issues or intense and unexpected health issues?

Sparked in March 2024, Chronic Health Issues and Inner Rewilding is a time-bound, small-group facilitated enquiry inspired by the article 12 Steps to Inner Rewilding by Thomas Klaffke. UItilising self- and shared-enquiry, we're exploring questions about becoming closer to our selves and our bodies as ecological and rewilding ourselves and our bodies, and what these questions mean for people navigating chronic health issues or intense and unexpected health issues.

Read more about the Chronic Health Issues and Inner Rewilding exploration.




NEW ENQUIRY, STARTING JULY There is so much being explored about whiteness, othering, belonging, decolonisation, neo-colonialism, racial justice, advocacy, and allyship. And, what comes after whiteness? What stories of self, identity, and kinship can we reimagine and bring into the now, to guide us into a different future? How can we hold the nuances of ancestral heritages and social constructions while not diminishing impact or responsibility?

Worlding Beyond Whiteness is intended to be a space of deep self- and shared-enquiry. A space where we can personally and collectively voice the questions, griefs, challenges, and desires we hold about being born into social constructs. A space where we can practice clear vision - taking ownership, being accountable, looking at what needs to be looked at with a clear gaze - while honouring and celebrating and reimagining the worlds and stories our hearts and minds long for. A space to explore how we might world into post-whiteness.

Read more about the Worlding Beyond Whiteness facilitated enquiry and learn how to join.

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Connect with me

If you're interested in working with me as a partner client, you're welcome to jump on a 20-minute no-charge exploration Zoom. (For all other enquiries, including speaking enquiries, please utilise my contact form.)

I also offer a choose-your-price hour-long Zoom, where we can explore a living organisational ecology challenge or dive into an area of work you're seeking facilitation support for, and find clear next steps. This is a good way to get a lived experience of working with me.


If you're interested in joining a time-bound facilitated group exploring a theme through self- and shared-enquiry, please reach out via the contact me form.