Embodied facilitation

I view embodiment as being in close relationship with what's arising in our internal and external landscapes, landscapes that are informing and informed by the horizontal (all that is taking place now: place, environment, relationships, the local and the global, and current events) and the vertical (all that we carry from the past and that might unfold in the future: ancestral lines, histories, cultural stories, and possible futures). To be intimate with internal and external landscapes as they are arising is to be intimate with ourselves as ecological beings. A staying close to self and community that is ecological.

I help individuals and groups become curious about, pay attention to, and become intimate with what's arising in their personal and collective landscapes (often called the social field). I do this by hosting intimate spaces of self- and shared- enquiry, where we can investigate personal and collective behaviours, woldviews, biases, relationalities, histories, experiences, and possible futures. In these kinds of spaces, we can become closer to ourselves at the same time that we become closer to what’s happening in the social field.

Through this exploration of our ecological nature and how we are affecting the social field, we find something fascinating and alive: relationality, and all the ways we are deeply intertwined.

Read my perspectives on vertical and horizontal embodiment here.



Facilitated Group Explorations


Work with me

Based in Exeter, Devon (UK), I work with partner clients in person or virtually.
If you're interested in working with me, I recommend we start with a choose your price online session.  During this hour, we can explore a living organisational ecology challenge or dive into an area of work you're seeking facilitation support for. You're welcome to have this session as a 1:1 or bring your colleagues with you. After the session, you choose what you want to pay for our time together. If you feel like we're a good fit for deeper work, we can go from there. 


You're also welcome to book up a free 20 min intro zoom call.