Facilitation Pod


Join an intimate group of practising facilitators deepening our understanding of the dynamics and behaviours alive in the room.


When facilitating, we take responsibility for noticing, navigating, and, where appropriate, making visible the dynamics and behaviours playing out in the room.

These dynamics and behaviours often take place ‘below the waterline’, meaning that they are not being noticed, acknowledged, or addressed. We are not immune to this: as facilitators, we are also often playing out dynamics and behaviours in the room that we might not see or understand.

On top of this, we are living in chaotic and challenging times. This can affect the nervous system and ability to self-regulate of group members, and how open a group is to facilitation, collaboration, feedback, and change. As facilitators, these times are likely affecting our nervous systems and ability to self-regulate, and how well we can hold the facilitation role. Combined, this can put immense pressure on the processes and outcomes of a meeting or event. 

Inspired by therapist intervision groups, Facilitation Pods are an intimate space in which to bring our challenges, hopes, and experiences as facilitators and gain access to the wisdom of the social field.

Within Facilitation Pods, we:

  • deepen self-awareness of our reactions, needs, desires, and dislikes when in the facilitation role
  • deepen our ability to stay grounded and embodied when we, our teams, our groups, or our clients are showing up chaotic and stressed
  • deepen our ability to notice whether we're responding from within the facilitator role or from another (often invisible) role we are unconciously adopting
  • deepen our ability to notice, navigate, and - where appropriate - bring attention to what's alive in the room. 



£40 if you have lower access to wealth: this generally covers those on benefits, those living and earning in the so-called Global South, or those that are a member of a marginalised and disadvantaged group.

£120 if you have higher access to wealth: this generally covers those living in the so-called Global North where you earn your income in Dollars, Euros, or GBP, or you will have access to a pension or an inheritance.

£200 if an organisation is paying or you have access to very high wealth.

Full payment is due on acceptance.

Price gives participants access to their three-month cohort, which includes twice monthly pod syncs and private Slack channel. Post cohort, members are welcome to continue as a commons member and gain continued access to the community Slack. 

Pod members also gain:

  • access to a small group of practising facilitators (maximum of 6 per pod) that will learn your facilitation blindspots, strengths, challenges, and hopes and support you in your learning and unlearning
  • a shared space where we centre care, appreciation, and joy for facilitation as an important role, along with a shared awareness of the responsibility we choose to carry when we step into the facilitation role
  • building and stewarding a commons together: after the first three months of pod facilitation and organisation by the pod host, members will be invitated to actively build and support the Facilitation Pod Commons.
  • access to a shared online Slack space for all pods, with each pod having private channels and access to common channels. Here, you'll meet other facilitators that are members of current and past pods. 
  • inclusion in 6 x 1.5 hour syncs.
  • continuation as a commons member past the initial three months at no extra cost


  • We utilise English as our spoken language.
  • We utilise Zoom for our syncs.
  • The bi-weekly syncs last 1.5 hours and take place on the same date and time every second week. (Once a cohort has formed, we find a date and time that works best for us).
  • We look to create pods that hold a diversity of experience, background, and perspectives.



Season 2 ran from from January to March 2024.

If you'd like to join our third season (dates to be decided), fill out this general application of interest form.