Ecological organisations

Organisations are a web of relationships, each one rooted into webs of ecosystem and social system relationships from which they cannot (and should not) be detangled.

By paying careful attention to the ecology of an organisation -  meaning, the relationship of an organisation to the ecosystems and social systems without the organisation - organisations can play a vital role in supporting planetary, ecosystem, and social system health.

It's time for us to reimagine organisations as rich, fertile webs of relationships. Stories of organisations as radically responsible for and responsive to planetary, ecosystem, and social system health. Stories of organisations listening deeply to more-than-human voices and incorporating their wisdom into decision-making and strategy. Stories of organisations shifting from profit-based metrics to an alignment-based compass, from domination-oriented goals to ecosystem-triggered introspection, and from organisations as legal entities that belong to us to organisations as living systems we steward (just for a little while).

Ecology: The study of organisms and how they interact with the environment around them.
Ecological relationship: The relationship between organisms of different species.



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Ecological Organisations


The Ecological Organisations Framework

The Ecological Organisations Framework that accompanies the story of ecological organisations is offered freely to any group, community, or organisation that wants to share, develop, and utilise it for non-commercial purposes. 

DOWNLOAD THE FRAMEWORK AS A PDF so you can zoom in and out on the sections or print it.

READ MORE ABOUT THE FRAMEWORK HERE including the origins and key elements.

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I work with organisational leaders, stewards, and those in source roles that feel the call of ecological organisations, and have the courage, authority, and commitment to lead reimagined organisational stories.


Organisational ecology discovery and mentoring

Reflective, investigative partnership

Leadership support

Workshop design and facilitation


Organisation-wide transformation.
Organisational relationships within external ecosystems, social systems, and planetary health.
Wisdom councils and more-than-human governance.
Organisations into commons.
Unhealthy organisational patterns and norms into healthy ones.
Internal and external organisational harm reconciliation and repair.
Organisational seasonality and dissolution.